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Now open for admissions at The British School of Madinaty (school year 2012-2013); 50% discount on registration fees for the first 50 applicants only.

The British School of Madinaty is a brand new school, opening in September 2012 and operated by the British School Al Rehab. The School will eventually have a capacity of over 2000 students who will benefit from the superb facilities including an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool and floodlit Astroturf pitches. The school offers the tried and tested British Curriculum and it takes students starting from the age 2.5 into Pre School and up to age 18 at A level.

At present, admission is limited to Pre School up to Year 1 with additional classes planned to be added over the coming years.
British education is known for its excellence in personality development. We believe that learning is important, but not enough in itself. We aim to encourage and challenge pupils to develop into well-educated confident people whom are ready to lead fulfilled lives in whatever path they choose. We value all pupils equally as individuals and provide a safe and civilized environment for each one of them in which they can develop greatly. Above all we want to inspire in pupils a love for learning which will sustain them throughout their lives.

Why choose a British International Curriculum?
The British system has been available in Egypt for many years and it’s a traditional, structured and disciplined approach that is well-understood by many parents. In recent years the curriculum has been widened to add an international dimension so that children following the curriculum will gain a deeper understanding of other cultures.

The key features of the British Curriculum which make it so suitable for schools outside the UK still remain as always;
1. The curriculum is taught in English.
2. There is always an emphasis on understanding and questioning as well as just knowing.
3. Social skills are an integral part of the curriculum.
4. IGCSE and A level examinations at the end process are internationally accepted for entry to universities all over the world.

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Residential Areas

Real estate in Egypt

Residential areas in Madinaty Egypt are divided into areas for villas and others for apartment buildings. The areas are separated by gardens that all the housing units of Madinaty overlook. Wide promenades for pedestrians lead to the service areas, limiting pollution and guaranteeing the safety and comfort of pedestrians and children.

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