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A City of International Standards in Egypt.

Madinaty's well-designed and detailed master plan was the result of a collaborative effort between three top U.S. design firms: HHCP, SWA, and Sasaki. The outcome was a modern city whose design focuses on providing all present and future requirements of its inhabitants and visitors.

Today, Madinaty provides a modern lifestyle for its residents where they can find everything they can possibly need including vast green areas, golf courses, educational institutions, sports and social clubs, hospitals, business centers, entertainment facilities, and household services which meet the day-to-day needs of its inhabitants. The city hosts as well innovative and unique services on its fringes to cater for the needs of nearby cities and even to the needs of the inhabitants of Greater Cairo.

Madinaty is a city built on 8 thousand feddans, designed to provide a contemporary lifestyle for 600,000 inhabitants in 120,000 housing units, acting as a modern extension to New Cairo.